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Hillock Land Company is a privately-owned real estate development company that is focused on developing distinct and innovative mixed-use and multifamily properties in urban neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles.

Inspired by thriving urban regions that have long been examples of vibrant and sustainable communities, Hillock Land Company is committed to bringing about vertically-built structures that connect living and working areas with the broader neighborhood.

Hillock Land Company creates developments that contribute to vibrant, human-scale, walkable neighborhoods. The Company’s projects promote connectivity: a mix of shops, housing, and open space compactly linked by pedestrian-friendly, treelined streets and connected with the broader neighborhood by accessible infrastructure.

It is the Company’s vision that this compactness and connectivity, enhanced by quality physical spaces and dynamic developments, allows for frequent encounters between citizens and leads to the emergence of lively, healthy, and sustainable communities.

By combining its unique approach to site and building design with its knowledge of markets, construction, and branding, Hillock Land Company is positioned to identify and execute on development opportunities that bring together the necessary people, goods, and services to improve the quality of urban life.